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5 Music Tracks To Add To Your Car Wash Playlist

At Hoppy’s Carwash & Café we are passionate about what we do. So, to celebrate our car wash enthusiasm, we’ve decided to share our five favourite music tracks that get us in the car washing groove.

Car Wash by Rose Royce

The most famous car wash related tune is of course ‘Car Wash’. This disco tune skyrocketed to fame after the motion picture ‘Car Wash’ featured the song as its theme in 1976. Since then the song has been covered by many artists (most notably Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott in 2004). If you’re washing your car, there’s no better song.

Low Rider by War

This funky diddy celebrates the journey of a low-rider and its driver. For the uninitiated, a low-rider is a customised vehicle with hydraulic jacks that allow the chassis to be lowered just above the road’s surface. Released in 1975, the notable driving bass line and the alto saxophone riff make this perfect for washing the car.

Pink Cadillac by Bruce Springsteen

This timeless classic centres around the beauty of a pink Cadillac with velvet seats and plenty of room in the back. Released in 1984, this track appeared on the Billboard Top Tracks chart for 14 weeks and has remained a popular song for car enthusiasts.

Route 66 by Chuck Berry

While often recognised as a perfect driving song, Chuck Berry’s Route 66 is also the perfect track for washing your car. Composed in 1946, this rhythm and blues classic fills you with the energy you need to sudd up and hose down.

Cars by Gary Numan

This new wave staple was released in 1979 and went on to become a UK Top 20 hit in three successive decades. This synth dominated classic celebrates the comfort we feel in our cars and acts as the perfect soundtrack for washing your vehicle.

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