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5 Things You Should Always Carry in Your Car

When out on the Queensland roads, you can never predict what’s going to happen. You should be prepared for any and every situation with the right equipment. So, no matter if it’s some muddy Gold Coast sand or a flat engine on the outskirts of Brisbane, you’ll be prepared. Here are the top five things you should always be carrying in your car.

1. First Aid Kit

Keeping yourself safe always comes first, which is why a first aid kit is so vitally important. Keeping one on hand, means you’ll be prepared for anything! It could be the difference that saves your life while waiting for the paramedics to arrive…

2. Jumper Cables

There’s nothing more frustrating than that situation where you turn your key and nothing happens. Especially, if you’re far away from home or help! Keeping a set of jumper cables in your car is just good practical sense.

3. Flat Tyre Kit

Just like a flat battery, a flat tyre is sometimes inevitable. There’s nothing quite as relieving as knowing you’re prepared should the worst happen. If your tyre goes flat (along with a working spare tyre), you’re going to want to make sure you have the correct tools on hand to change it.

4. Torch

Should any of the above three situations occur, you’re going to bemoan your choices if it happens in the dark and you don’t have a torch handy! Illumination is essential! Make sure you’re carrying a torch, you can thank us later…

5. Car Wash Membership

You never know when mud is going to happen… Hoppy’s Carwash offer all of our customers to join one of our Wash Clubs. So, you can get your car washed wherever, whenever you want (for a flat fee each month of course). Now, the next time it rains or you have to drive along that muddy road, you can do so stress-free knowing Hoppy’s Carwash has you covered!

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