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5 tips to improve your daily commute

Before our day even begins, most of us hop into our cars and set off to work. Whether it’s the traffic, boredom or fatigue, most of us consider our commute as a boring inevitability. At Hoppy’s Carwash & Café we believe that life’s too short to give up your time, so here are some simple tips to improve your daily commute.

Invest in an effective Bluetooth system

Many commuters are distracted by their phones (especially if they end up stuck in traffic). To prevent this temptation, ensure that your car has a high-quality Bluetooth system which allows voice activation or handsfree mobile phone usage. This will keep you safe and make your commute so much easier.

Listen to something inspiring

When we fall into the dull routine of commuting it can be easy to feel drained. To lift your spirits, make sure you listen to something you find inspiring. Try listening to an inspirational podcast or make your very own motivational playlist to listen to on the way to work.

Start carpooling

A daily commute can take its toll, so why not share the load! Try to organise carpooling with a co-worker who lives nearby, so you can share parking and fuel costs, while keeping each other company.

Keep your vehicle tidy

If you spend lots of time commuting, it’s important to keep your car nice and clean. Keep your car free of litter and junk so you can store important items such as your sunglasses, electronics, water bottle or coffee cup. An organised car makes for a more organised commute and a happier day.

Wash your vehicle regularly

Regular commuting will result in a dirty car. Pollutants, insects, dust and dirt will build up on your car overtime and damage your paintwork if left for too long. By taking your car to a car wash once a week, you can ensure your car stays spic and span.

At Hoppy’s Carwash & Café we are committed to providing quality car wash services for Brisbane and Gold Coast residents. From a 20-minute exterior wash to a 30-minute interior and exterior clean, our team will get your car looking it’s very best.

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