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Hoppy’s Express

Now they have an even faster model of exterior carwash and it’s coming to Capalaba. Hoppys Express where you stay in your car , travel the 25m conveyor, where the car is prepped, soaped , cleaned , tyre shined and waxed if you want , dried and towelled down. All in under 4 minutes. Free vacuums and vended cleaning products are available for you to address your interiors.

Price points are $15, $20, $25 or a staggering $25 a month for unlimited wash club . $6 a week that might equate to or even better . Hoppys are capable of washing 60 cars per hour so there is no requirement to book .

Our super quick express flexi wash is providing an amazing finish .

Wheel blasters and automatic tyre shine application doing it better than hand washing even ! Vacuum bays are popular too.

Quick, quality and inexpensive -Hoppys Express exterior at Capalaba

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