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Hoppy’s Gold Coast

New Addition to Hoppy’s Gold Coast

Check out who’s sitting proudly at the top of our Mermaid Waters site

We must have thought our hands weren’t full enough when we decided to purchase Tranquility Carwash at Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast !

At our newest Hoppys Handwashcafe we firstly needed to reverse the traffic flow of the site ,to allow us to vacuum last . This is our preference , so that we can feed our conveyor belt , as soon as the customer arrives . The installation of our conveyor production line was next . This technology allows us to wash high numbers of vehicles every hour when demand is on . 51 per hour is our best so far . May there be many more . Carwashing , even on the Gold Coast needs to be quick , we say under 30 minutes , inside and out to rid your paintwork of pesky salt air and continue your great Coast lifestyle .

Car detailing services are available too, from exfoliating that paintwork, buffing out scratches and swirls to steam cleaning seats and carpets . We class ourselves as a full service carwash and express detailer of great value .

We hope to speed up the whole Gold Coast carwash industry at Hoppys handwashcafe Mermaid Waters

Our first carwash that we have purchased rather than build.

There was still plenty of renos to do though.

Installed a conveyor belt and heaps of technology to allow us to achieve greater throughput.

50 cars per hour will now be achievable.


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