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How often should I wash my dog?

This is a question many dog owners are unsure of and the answer is – it depends. The age, fur type and activity level of your pooch may increase or decrease the amount he needs to visit the dog wash. To help you decide how often you should wash your pup here are some helpful tips.

Indoor or outdoor?

If you have an outdoor dog it’s only natural that they will spend a lot more time rolling in dirt, splashing through puddles and roaming through the grass. These kinds of dogs are bound to need more washing than an apartment bound terrier. That being said, if you share your bed with an indoor dog, you may like to wash them more regularly.

Do they have skin allergies?

Many dogs suffer skin allergies and require specialised treatment to control symptoms. This may include more frequent washes and soothing or medicated shampoo. If you notice your dog itching or smelling a lot after only a few days, then it’s best to consult with a veterinarian.

How old?

Due to their sensitive skin, puppies should not be washed more than once a month (unless otherwise instructed by a veterinarian). To help keep your pup clean you should brush and comb their fur once a week. For adult dogs, a basic rule of thumb is washing fortnightly.

How active?

Active dogs that go on frequent walks and outings to the park and beach will require more visits to the dog wash than dogs that are more sedentary. Even dogs that are active around the house may require additional washes, as they sweat more and can be prone to bacterial build ups on their skin.

Hair length

Generally speaking, dogs with longer fur will require more frequent washing and grooming. Long hair tends to matt and pick up debris if it isn’t washed and brushed every week. Short haired dogs, on the other hand, are more forgiving.

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