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How to Keep Your Car Looking New

There is no better feeling than a clean car! Well, maybe a few, but it is still a wonderful feeling to drive around in a spotless car. Here’s how you can make sure this stays true, with tips on how to keep the exterior and interior of your car looking like new.


First of all, you need to get your car washed, regularly! It is recommended that you get an exterior car wash service done every two weeks. If you stick to the rule, you also need to add in a car wax service every two-months, so as to protect your car in the long run. Plus, once a year, like a doctor’s appointment, you need to take your car in for a buff and polish detailing service. Follow these steps, and we promise your car will look like new for many years to come!


Often the most neglected aspect of everyone’s car, yet the one most likely to embarrass you the minute you have a passenger. You should feel good driving your car, which means getting the interior cleaned too! Vacuuming every week is essential to keeping up with all of the dirt and debris your feet track into your car every day. Monthly, you should be getting a plastic wipe (dashboard dusting, etc) and a sanitise service. Every six months, your air system needs to get what’s called an Anti-Bacterial Air-Conditioning Treatment. Especially on the hot and sunny Gold Coast and Brisbane, that bacteria so love. Finally, every year you should be getting a steam cleaning service done for your upholstery. Follow these steps for the interior and exterior of your car, and we promise it will continue looking like new for much, much longer than if you do nothing. Hoppy’s Carwash & Café locations across the Gold Coast and Brisbane can help you with all of your car washing and detailing needs. Which means, keeping up with this overwhelming schedule, is easier than ever!

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