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How to remove pet hair from your car

Our pets are a big part of our lives and we love including them in everything we do. Whether we’re going to the beach, going for a hike or taking a little vacation, we like to take our pooches with us in the car.

While many dogs love spending time cruising around, there is one big problem – pet hair! Even after a vacuum, many stray hairs linger on our upholstery. To help you rid your car of hair, here are some handy hints from the team at Hoppy’s Carwash & Café.

Use a rubber glove and water

Put on a rubber glove and dip your hand in water. Rub the affected areas in one smooth motion to form big clumps of hair that are easier to remove. If you don’t want to dip your gloves into water, gently mist your upholstery with a spray bottle beforehand.

Use Velcro curlers

Old fashioned, Velcro lined hair curlers are perfect for picking up stray pet hairs. Simply place your index finger and middle finger in the centre of the tube and use it as a make shift lint brush. Once finished pull off the fur and save the curler for next time.

Use duct tape

While just about any wide banded sticky tape will do, duct tape is by far the best. Simply roll some tape around your hand, sticky side out, to create a little glove and then glide it across your upholstery. The hairs should lift out from the fabric and stick to the tape, which can then be disposed.

Get a professional clean

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, some pet hair remains. If this is the case, you’ll need a professional interior clean. At Hoppy’s Carwash & Café we have a range of interior car wash services, including a service specially designed for pet hair. Our specialised vacuums will remove the most stubborn of hairs and leave your upholstery clean and fresh. With car washes throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you’re sure to find a location near you.

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