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International Carwash Convention 2018

USA 2018

No matter how established a business is, it must keep moving. As soon as we stand still, we become complacent and lose the ability to innovate, inspire and keep up with our customers’ needs. Standing still and complacency is not in Hoppy’s vocabulary, we’re constantly looking to improve our processes and provide the best possible service and experience to our customers. One way we do this is through our annual pilgrimage to the International Car Wash Show where we get to catch up and learn from the industry best. We may have been going for 15 years, but some of these guys are 4th generation Carwash businesses, that’s a whole lot of experience and knowledge!

Steve Wade and his family from Oasis Carwash Equipment showed us around their factory and the towns of Joplin and Arkansas.

Here we are on the border of 3 States!!!

Fuel City Carwash, Dallas. 40+ vacuum bays, 50m wash tunnel and have a look at the approach / line up to the tunnel. Every one of their 6 sites has the farm next door with buffalo, longhorns and zebra.

Finally! Between Vegas, Missouri, Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles we just had to stop for the legendary In-N-Out fix. Well worth it too!

What a problem to have – when all 45 of your vacuum bays are occupied! LA most days!

Balance is crucial – it’s never all about work for Johnsy when we tour America. He always finds time to hit the gym.

This was the place the 70’s Richard Prior movie ‘Carwash’ was based on. Admit it, you can’t stop humming the tune
Working at the car wash (oh oh, yeah yeah)
At the car wash, yeah (ooh, yeah yeah)
At the car wash (sing it with me now)
Working at the car wash, yeah


Straight off our flight to Vegas and into the daunting Car Wash show where EVERYONE has exactly what we need! Cam was like a dog with 2….bones?


Lots to consider – Full Service Handwash, Express Exterior and Self-Serve TouchFree automatic. They’ve got everything covered – Here we go!!!!

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