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The Cost of a Dirty Car

Your car is dirty, so what! I mean, it’s not like it really matters if it’s got some dirt on it. Right? No, wrong! Your dirty car is costing you! Here’s how:

It Looks Bad

Like any first impression, it matters! A dirty car is unappealing for everyone. It impacts your life more than you think it does. Everyone who sees you in that car immediately makes an impression of you based on what it looks like. Driving up for a job interview, well think again. Meeting your partners parents for the first time, a dirty car isn’t going to get you far. People see a dirty car, and we’re sorry to tell you, but they think ‘messy life’. It’s simply the truth. The good news, you can get a basic car wash at any of Hoppy’s Express carwash locations for just $15 dollars. $15 bucks can be the difference between landing the job, impressing your future in-laws and wowing on-lookers. It’s the little things that matter.

It Makes You Feel Bad

Happy car, happy life! Get it washed! You’ll feel better, we promise. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a dirty car. Take it to the car wash already and feel better about your vehicle. Hoppy’s can have your car cleaned, inside and out, in no time, all while you enjoy a hot cuppa.

It Decreases the Value of Your Car

Thinking about selling or trading it in? Your car can fetch a much better price if you simply cleaned it! We’re not kidding. Like we said above, first impressions matter. When it comes to selling your car, potential buyers are not going to be impressed by a dirty car. A simple full-service hand car wash and interior clean may cost you a little now, but will help you get a lot more later.

Don’t neglect your car. Hoppy’s will take care of it for you, simply drive it in and leave the rest to us. Our conveniently located Gold Coast and Brisbane car washes will have your car cleaned and looking like new in no time.

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