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Tips to Keep Your Car Tidy

If you find yourself regularly in the situation of being embarrassed to pick up any passengers because your car is a disgusting mess, well, then it is time to make some changes! Here are some tips to help get your car clean and tidy, and keep it that way.

1. Get Rid of The Trash

First step, clean out all the garbage! Fast food wrappers, drink bottles, receipts and any other thing you’ve hastily chucked over your shoulder into the back ‘deal with it later zone’. Well it is fine time to deal with it now! Get a garbage bag and get cleaning.

2. Get Organised

Open up your glove box, lift up your boot and get things organised. If you work from your car, take all those important papers and business cards and find a place for them. If you have kids, make a place for toys and other such things that need to stay in the car. Your car does not need a junk drawer, and your glove box and boot should not be treated as one! Remove everything, keep only what’s necessary and find places for everything you’re keeping so that you can keep it tidy moving forward.

3. Get It Cleaned

You are less likely to revert to bad behaviour with a clean car. Get your floor and boot vacuumed, your upholstery cleaned, your exterior and interior cleaned and make it as spotless as you can possibly get it. Getting your car washed is a great way to motivate you to keep it clean. You’re going to love having a spotless car so much, that hopefully you will continue to keep it as clean as possible for as long as possible. Luckily, Hoppy’s offers customers a full-service hand car wash that can include vacuuming and detailing! Visit any of our conveniently located Gold Coast or Brisbane carwash & café locations today!

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