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What car colours show the most dirt?

Choosing a colour for your car is a difficult decision. Some people choose their favourite colour, others choose a colour that they think will have the best resale value. Many people also choose a colour that will show the least amount of dirt. If you want to reduce your number of car washes, here are the two car colours to be wary of.


While black is usually a great colour for hiding dirt, when it comes to cars, it’s a different story. The colour black represents an object absorbing all wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, meaning on a dirty black car most of the light reflected back to your eyes comes from dirt splotches and dust and you struggle to see the car behind the grime.


If you were thinking that white is a better option, think again. White provides dirt and dust maximum contrast. It’s essentially a blank canvas to decorate with grubby residue from your car’s travels. The colour white represents an object of all wavelengths of the visible light spectrum being reflected from the surface. This means the light being reflected around the dust allows makes it visible from every angle.

Keep your car clean and shiny

If you are looking for car colours that show less dirt, then opt for tones of grey, silver or beige. But if you are in love with black or white, then don’t despair. Even though these colours show more dirt, they remain the most popular car colours in Australia.

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