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What is The Difference Between a Wax & a Polish?

It’s a commonly asked question at Hoppy’s Carwash: what is the difference between a car wax and a car polish? Here to help clear things up is an explanation of the what the two types of car detailing do and when best to use them.

Car Wax

First off, car wax contains a higher grade of Carnuba wax, which is used to dispel water and withstand hot temperatures. A great tool to keep your car and paint protected from rainwater contaminants and the hot humidity of the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Car wax is also very effective in smoothing out the surface of your paint, by filling in imperfections, such as minor scratches. This does not, however, mean that it will help with any major damage. Wax is simply a filler, designed to enhance a previously polished surface, and provide a protective finish coating.

Car Polish

Car polish contains a lot of Petro Chemical and Filiker, which are extremely useful ingredients in order to help remove minor imperfections in your cars paintwork. Polish uses an abrasive action in order to remove very fine top layers of your paint’s coat. The purpose of this is to flatten out the surface, ensuring an equal reflection of light. Hint: this is what will give you that ‘showroom shine’ that you covet! Depending upon the level of surface scratches and damage on your car’s paintwork, will decide what level of abrasiveness you should use with your car polish (medium to ultra-fine).

What to Use When?

Here’s the breakdown: use car polish to buff away any imperfections (to create that showroom shine), and give you a smooth flat surface. Then use car wax to fill in and provide a protective top layer (to keep that showroom shine). Your frequency of waxing, should be roughly four times per year. These detailing techniques will keep your car looking in top-top shape for much longer than a simple car wash, though that is still an important first step before the polish and wax can be applied.

Hoppy’s Carwash locations across the Gold Coast and Brisbane offer detailing services (which include a car wax and triple shine buff and polish service) as well as car wash services. So, you can wash, wax and polish your car all in one conveniently located stop!

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