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Why Take Your Furry Friend to a Dog Wash?

Washing your dog can feel like a never-ending challenge, especially if your beloved pooch is on the larger scale. We love them, but don’t always want to be covered in their soapy bath water as they continuously shake it off. The solution: Hoppy’s conveniently located Gold Coast and Brisbane dog washes. Here’s why!

They’re Big Enough to Fit 2 Dogs at Once!

Yes, you read that right! No longer, do you have to go through the pain of washing them one at a time and having it take forever. Our Dog Wash bays are big enough to fit two dogs in at a time. It’s the easiest solution to washing more than one dog you’re ever going to find!

They’re Fast & Convenient!

No longer do you have to pull out the hose, get the soap ready, chase your dog down and hold them in place while you wash them. Our dog wash bays are the simplest and easiest way to wash your dog. Simply, place them in the safe and fully self-contained bay, deposit your money and enjoy a minimum 10 minutes (more if you choose) to shampoo, condition, rinse and dry your dog. It really is as easy as that!

You Can Get Your Car Cleaned at The Same Time!

Once again, you read that right. Drive in to any of our Brisbane or Gold Coast car washes and dog wash locations, check your car in for a wash and walk over with your beloved pooch for a DIY dog wash. While you’re washing your dog, Hoppy’s will take care of your car. It’s a great way to cut down on the number of chores you have to do, by getting two things done at once.

If you’re not convinced yet, simply give it a go. We promise, you and your dog will love it so much, we guarantee you’ll keep coming back!

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